Details on HTML Cabinet
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Updated: May 25, 1999
Description: A cabinet of simple components for script driven generation of HTML files. Useful for reports and output of all kinds from Sanscript programs.
Prerequisites: Sanscript V2.1.31.3 (May 21, 1999)
Cost: Free
Comments: Sanscript loves HTML.  The Sanscript visual hierarchy is a natural match for the HTML hierarchy, so it is easy to create nested HTML constructs with nested Sanscript packages.

This is not a server side extension package (like .ASP files) currently, but a package for generating static HTML files.

HTML Samples
Several Samples are included directly within the HTML Cabinet

Below is a segment of our internal web hits log, generated using this HTML Cabinet: 01/Oct/1998:00:36:56 /index.htm 01/Oct/1998:00:43:56 (0:2:1)
/go/register.htm 01/Oct/1998:00:53:52 (0:0:46)
01/Oct/1998:00:54:38 (0:0:30)
01/Oct/1998:00:55:08 (0:0:23)
01/Oct/1998:00:55:32 (0:0:14)
01/Oct/1998:00:55:47 (0:0:13)
01/Oct/1998:00:56:00 (0:2:15)
__ /guest-book.cgi __
/act/trials/usersguide.pdf 01/Oct/1998:01:12:18 /index.htm 01/Oct/1998:01:26:08 /index.htm 01/Oct/1998:01:38:54 (0:0:12)

The Sanscript program below generates this table:

Joe Harry Lou
Pizza Salad Beer
BIG TEXT Red text with column span

htmlsample1.gif (13984 bytes) (Click on the diagram to see the full image in pop-up window)