Details on Microsoft Office Cabinets
Updated:  June 11, 1999
Version: Office 97 & Outlook 98
any Sanscript dated June 1, 1999 or later
Description: Type Libraries for Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Word (plus stdole, vbide, and Office Assistant)
Prerequisites: Microsoft Office 97 SR-1 (service release 1)
Cost: Free
Comments: To use these cabinets, you should be at least a little familiar with COM (or OLE automation) programming (in VB, VBA, or Javascript). 

It would also help to have the "Developer" version of Microsoft Office.  Be sure to have the help installed so that context sensitive help in Sanscript can open the help for the components.

These cabinets can be used with either Sanscript,  Sanscript Pro or Sanscript for ACT!.

Comments: To Download: Click Here.

To Install:  PKUnzip -d  or use WinZip's "Use folder names" to create a separate directory for each of these lib.fvl files.

Using File->Cabinet->Import 
1) import office, stdole and vbide first.
2) exit/restart Sanscript
3) import any or all of the Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint or Word cabinets.

4) Import any of the optional application-specific sample cabinets below.

Microsoft Office Samples
Outlook Samples 5 simple Outlook scripts and some visual components to get you started using Outlook 98 and Sanscript.