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Your own Sanscript?

If you think your customers can benefit from a easy and fast development tool like Sanscript, we invite you to contact us to discuss the possibilities. 

If you have done the work to enable your application for COM Automation, it will plug right into Sanscript.   Our visual language technology will appeal to some set of people that are turned off (or scared off) by a traditional text based programming language.

Sanscript helps you reach those people and extend the market for your product.

To put it simply, Sanscript has a much higher "Wow Factor" than a typical chunk of text code.  It also makes all those objects you built inside your product visible, so they can be much more readily understood, even by professional programmers.

Sanscript based products

Product Application Software Publisher/OEM
Data extraction and transformation tool (Retired Product) Informix Formation
Visual Job Scripting Language for Compaq Batch Scheduler (Retired Product) Compaq
Sanscript for ACT!
Sanscript Pro
Northwoods Software

Potential Applications

With the right components, this tool can be tailored for many environments. However, some of the most obvious applications are:

  • Integrated Office Suite scripting tool
  • Visual Add-In to existing development environment (e.g. Visual Basic, PowerBuilder or a Java Development Environment)
  • Component of an OLAP tool for Decision Support
  • Internet Server scripting tool for integrating back-end components via ActiveX Scripting
  • General purpose ActiveX Script engine (a visual "VBA" for non-programmers)
  • Java Code Generator, Java Applet creation
  • C++ Code Generator
  • As a classroom teaching tool for new programmers

Our Visual Programming Technology can be applied to almost any field where programming is needed, and is especially suited to programming for people that aren't professional programmers. If your company is considering adding graphical programming to your product line, please consider our OEM version as a starting point. We will work with you to customize the Visual Programming environment so that it is the right solution for your customers. Our technology offers you a fast time to market with low risk, and provides you a unique advantage over your competitors.





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