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Sanscript Overview

What is Sanscript

Sanscript® is a visual dataflow programming language and development environment.

Sanscript literally allows you to draw your application, not code it. You drag a component to the canvas, and wire it to the other components in the diagram. Then you hit the run button. No compile, no link, none of that. Just Run.

Sanscript can script applications through cabinets of visual components.  Sanscript comes with a built in cabinet of Math, List, File I/O, Directory, Windows Registry operations. We have a selection of cabinets that can be downloaded and imported into Sanscript. 

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs to write a program. Sanscript is for professionals that aren't programmers, but need to throw a script together now and then to get their job done.  It will also impress professional programmers with its power and capabilities.   System managers and IS pros will appreciate its easy reuse that makes the second and third programs faster and easier as you build up your own library of visual components.

See what our customers are saying.

Visual cabinets are most easily created by importing type libraries from any application that exposes a Microsoft Object Model (also known as COM or OLE Automation).  This is the primary additional feature in Sanscript Pro. The other differences are listed in the Online Tour.

If you'd like to see more first, you can learn more in our Online Tour.

Current Status

Sanscript is written in C++ / Microsoft Foundation Classes. It hasn't made the jump to either the web or .NET. The interests of Northwoods have drifted on to our Diagram components, CRM add-on tools and Web Based Planograms. The most recent release was in April 2000, and we're not planning on any further updates.

So we've made Sanscript Pro free. There is no support, other than the Sanscript Forum.'s still the coolest programming tool you'll ever see. Around here when we want to get something done quickly, we still use Sanscript.

If you are interested in buying the source code for your own project, contact us here.

Our previous OEMs

Sanscript has been licensed by Compaq and Informix. Compaq included it as part of the Compaq Batch Scheduler product.  In this product, it was used a visual replacement for a .BAT or Windows script (wsh) file.

The Sanscript dataflow technology was also the front end to the Informix Formation product, which was a data warehouse extraction and transformation tool.

(Note: Both the Compaq and Informix products have been retired by those companies. In fact, neither of the companies even exist any more. We outlived you both! na na naaaaa naaa.)

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